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Leatherwood Groves

On either side of the driveway entrance can be found the Leatherwood Groves. To the south, leatherwood shrubs run along the old hay road towards the South Meadow and to the north, a gentle path weaves its way through the Leatherwood Groves to the picnic tables and the easy walking trails that lead towards the Pioneer Log Museum and Burnt Sculpture Garden.

Leatherwood Shrubs have smooth pliable branches and trunks that made them a useful resource for both Indigenous Native Canadians and pioneers. Each tree has its own distinctive look depending upon its growth history. When laden under snow or fallen trees, they spring back or grow in an adjusted adaptation to their changed environment. Elegant and beautifully unique, Leatherwood are the first to bloom at the end of maple syrup season.  

Leatherwood Groves: About
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