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North Lawn

While exploring the the north meadow, you will discover the following:

PawPaw Trees: The largest edible fruits native to North America are pawpaw. They are a sweet fruit comparable to a combination of mango, banana and pineapple. Our pawpaws are two years old and we so much look forward to their first fruits.

Northern Hazelnut Trees: These hazelnut tree saplings have been cultivated for northern climates. Each type of plant has its own personality as it moves through its life and reproductive cycle and we greatly anticipate observing, learning and growing with these trees. 

Willow Saplings: Propagated white willow saplings encircle the wetter areas of the north meadow.

Blueberries: Closer to the forest, blueberry bushes grow. We find that huckleberries provide a far more abundant yield, yet it’s not a competition, and so we await the joy and bounty our shrubs’ maturing.

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